It’s not a perfect world…

I was browsing the internet last week and I found this type of comment on a blog: 

“People are too lazy (or unmotivated) to actually accomplish what they say they would accomplish in a perfect world.”

That struck me.  What would I do in a perfect world?  

I’d go to the gym regularly.  I’d travel.  I’d learn another language.  I’d do karate.  I’d learn guitar.  I’d learn how to dance.  I’d learn to sing.  I’d read more.  I’d write more.  I’d start a blog.  

Oh, look: It’s my blog!  Here.  Real.  You’re reading it. 

Simple, straightforward and a small step to my more perfect world.  

Let’s see where this ride takes us.  What’s your more perfect world?


One response to “It’s not a perfect world…

  1. So I was thinking about what things I would do in a perfect world – and inspired by you, here’s MY list.  
    1. Never binge drink (inspired by new years eve shananagins hehe)  
    2. Do yoga everyday  
    3. Meditate everyday  
    4. Write about something new I learned everyday  
    5. Consume less  
    6. Travel to India and Indonesia and West Africa 
    7. Write more letters  
    8. Speak my mind more openly  
    9. Go to insight meditation group every Sunday  
    10. Surround myself with positive people  
    11. Have a hobby/have a project outside of work to do  
    12. Read at least one book by each Nobel literature laureate

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