Passion Fruit: Something about life

How do you find your passion? I can get through day-to-day work, in fact I generally enjoy it. But I can’t say I’m passionate about it.

I know I’m not the only one that feels this way.  (I might be one of the lucky ones that generally likes the day-to-day of it all.)  I think my generation is actually passionate about finding a passion.  But no one really knows where to look.  

I think we all wish there were road signs showing us the way.  Except the problem is that there are no road signs.  We try a few different things.  And then we decide, well, in order to further our career, or in order to earn more money, or in order to be stable, we need to do something so we settle.  “Settle down” is a phrase, but I think a lot of us settle for something that is below what we are truly passionate about.  

In fact, I think we probably convince ourselves to be fake passionate about something and go with it.  “This is close,” we say, “So it must be as good as it gets.”  Is there something more out there?  Is there something that would really fuel us?  Do we settle because it’s easy?  Do we settle because of someone?  Because we are afraid of what might be?  

I don’t know.  But I do know that I don’t want to be one of those people.  But I worry that the time to not be that person is quickly waning.  I know it hasn’t waned.  But “time is short” — isn’t it always in our life?  

I’ll explore this more.


One response to “Passion Fruit: Something about life

  1. IMHO our generation is one of the first to seek our “passion” through our careers. In the past, our parents did not work to fuel themselves. They worked to put “fuel” on the table for their families. By seeking passion through our work, we nearly always come up unsatisfied. In a way it makes sense to do this since we spend so much time working. But on the other hand, maybe our passion, what fuels us, was never meant to be our job.

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