Church? No thanks. It’s broken.

Many of my closest friends had religious upbringings — myself included.  Now, very few of us go to church.  I can’t think of one close friend, actually.  Yet many, many people I know have belief in some form of “higher power”, but don’t go to church.  It’s not a relevant community for people our age.

We don’t subscribe to that community because it doesn’t speak to us.  It doesn’t work in our lives.  The platform of church is broken during a defining decade in our lives — our twenties.

Who wants to get up early (and probably hungover) on a Sunday morning to go to a service that is geared towards people much older?  Why do we need to have a middleman (or middlewoman) in the form of a minister/pastor/priest to have a traditional spiritual relationship?  The Age of Google has broken so many traditions, and cut out so many middlemen.  Could church be the latest?

Recently in Boston I’ve been attending a monthly gig called Theology on Tap.  Sitting at a local bar after work with people my age discussing faith and spirituality, while drinking a delicious microbrew.  That’s more my speed.

I think the need for spirituality is still there, it’s just the platform that needs to change.


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