It’s So Easy to Invoke “the 90s”…

Just over 51 days from now, the first decade of this new millennium will be over.  And I have no doubt I will be recalling memories from it for the rest of my life.  But, as a good friend asked, how will I reminisce?

Remember when I worked at Apple back in “the two-thousands”?  Remember when Facebook was founded back in “the oh-oh”s?  How about the rise of the smartphone back at “the turn of the century”?

Sure, it’s easy to recall specific years (“oh-nine”).  But what’s VH1 going to use for the equivalent of “I Love the 90s”?!  They call it “I Love the New Millennium” right now, but what about when it’s not the new millennium anymore??

Back in the early 1900’s, these equivalent years were called “oughts”.  Which works both generally and specifically: “The Red Sox really turned up the heat in the oughts, they won in both ought-four and ought-seven.”  I’d be all over that, if it didn’t sound like I was talking about the Red Sox winning in 1904 and 1907.

On a related note, are we using “twenty ten” or “two thousand ten” or just “ten” next year?  I think there needs to be a referendum on these things.  I vote “twenty ten”.  Sounds futuristic.


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