Just Sitting

I’ve recently found meditation to be an incredibly helpful practice.  I can’t say I do it  regularly (though I did have a stint of doing it twice a day … for about four days). But, I do it more now than I have ever in the past.  And part of it was getting past the idea of meditation.  Something about that word intimidates, makes me think of Buddhist Monks, crystals, incense and levitation.

So, instead of getting caught up “meditating”, I grab a comfy throw pillow, throw it on the floor and just sit on it.  In a world of evermore hyper-connectedness, there’s something really powerful about sitting cross-legged, focusing on nothing but my own breathing.

Yes, this is meditation.  No doubt about it.  But when I don’t call it meditating, I find myself much more willing to do it.  I can’t sit wrong — I’ve been doing that for over two decades!

Also, a somewhat snarky, but good, article on meditation from TIME in 2003.


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