Being Rich

Much of our lives focus on money.

It’s a big difference between adulthood and childhood: the responsibility of supporting yourself with your own income. Once that happens, we transition from adolesents to adults – according to human development people anyway.

Sometimes money is a stressor in life. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, it’s just there in the background as the infrastructure to life. But all too often, I hear people talking about striking it rich.

So, what’s rich? Is it really having a swimming pool of gold? Is Scrooge McDuck really happy just because of his gold? (Actually, is Scrooge ever happy period? … Let’s just pretend he is.) No, it’s not the gold itself. It’s not the money. It’s what the money allows you to do.

If we can figure out what we want money to do for us, then we can really figure out what being rich means. And then we can start realizing that we probably already are a lot richer than we thought we were to start….

In an exercise of openess, here’s what rich means to me:

Being able to go out drink with friends
Having nice meals out

Being able to buy healthy groceries

Having a nice healthy place to live

Being able to afford to exercise at a gym or dojo

Being able to have nice beer wine and liquor at home

Having money for big trips

Having a comfortable bed

Getting proper medical care

Sporting tickets.


Good books

Having a car
Being able to build for my future. (And my kids. Eventually. Eek.)

Living in a nice neighborhood.

New clothes.

Being creative.

Being stable.

Having savings.


In short, it’s:





What does being rich mean to you?


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