Prime Rib Galore

Last Tuesday, I had one of the most ridiculous and amazing restaurant experiences in Boston yet.  I went to an all-you-can-eat Prime Rib night at a steakhouse KO Prime in downtown Boston.  It was only $30.

When I hear “steakhouse”, I expect smokey rooms, mooseheads on the wall and wood paneling.  KO Prime is anything but that.  It’s classy and upscale, modern decor and absolutely no mooseheads:

Ken Oringer is the Executive Chef (evidently a bit of a celebrity chef, but I really don’t know much about such things).  But after eating here, I have to say he deserves the celebrity.  The food is delicious.

The Prime Rib was cooked just right at medium rare, and the Edamame with Shiso was some of the best edamame I’ve ever had.  (Not a hard dish to prepare, true, but the seasoning was outstanding.)  The Creamy Spinach was good, nothing to write home about though.  KO Prime is an expensive restaurant, so we didn’t get much else, except in the way of drinks.  After all, we were here for the prime rib.

That brings us to the ridiculousness.  My friends and I were incredibly psyched up for this night.  We joked about how we were going to prepare and eat as much as possible.  We laughed that we would eat two or three pieces.  Nope.  Everyone ate at least four full pieces of 8 oz prime rib.  That’s 32 oz of delicious, melt-in-your-mouth beef in your stomach.

One person ate a whopping 5+ pieces – a girl, I might add (go Amelia!).  It was easily one of the best nights ever at a restaurant:  the deliciousness kept coming until you literally couldn’t stomach anymore. We found out at the bar afterwards that the record is supposedly six.  I wish we had known, I think one of us could have done it.  Perhaps next time.

And there will be a next time.  Currently, the All You Can Eat Prime Rib promotion is every Tuesday and Wednesday.  If you’re going to go, call ahead to make sure, and definitely make a reservation.  The place filled up quickly and we were there on a Tuesday.

The best part of the night, however, may have been the food coma I immediately passed out into when I got home.  For the record: seven hour food comas rock.


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