More than any consumable item that costs money, it loathes me to finish juice that I buy.  Orange, apple, cranberry, it doesn’t matter.  I have a barrier around finishing juice and buying more.  When the container starts to get empty, I start talking myself out of having juice in favor of water.  Maybe add a little lemon to the water, to class it up.

This is ironic, because I likely have this barrier because water reaches the same end as juice, yet is free. But, when I have juice, I often end up convincing myself to drink water.

Eventually I will finish my juice, and I’ll want more but won’t want to spend more to get it.  Water’s right there, in the tap.  But ater a few weeks of drinking just water, I’ll get bored with it, give in and buy more.  It’s completely illogical: I’ll easily spend $5 on a container of gourmet olives, but not $3.50 on juice.  Barriers like this fascinate me.

Perhaps I should just go buy a juicer and make my own.


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