It’s nice to have snow around.  Winter, to me, never really arrives until snow does and Christmas is always better when snow has been on the ground.  It’s particularly special after living in DC for three years.

Yes, DC gets snow, but trivial amounts.  Not that this was a big snowstorm — and DC did get snow from this storm before Boston did — but it did underline one thing: people in Boston know how to handle snow.  This was just the first of many snows, an unquestioned part of winter.  No one really batted an eye.

I love that snow is integral to winter here.  I love that I can look forward to a real winter, with feet-high snow banks, shoveling, snowballs, and — if I really get feisty — snow angels.  And, yes, I even love that four months from now, I’ll be cursing this post.

Because, right now, it’s the start of a beautiful winter.


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