In moving to a new place, I have often reflected on friendship.  I love my friends, and many are a second family to me.  (A family I truly get to choose.)  My closest friends are from college and high school.  Why is that?

I really think that it’s because experience makes friendship possible.  There are plenty of people in the world that I could be friends with, but my experiential activities don’t overlap with theirs.  Think about it: this is why we go out with people.  To have experiences, to create memories, and to spend time with each other.

College, and, to an extent, high school, had tons of experiential time built in.  Clubs, classes, sports, (even the bus stop!) make friends.  Now, after college, that takes a bit more effort.  There are work friends, sure, and some work environments enable that a bit more than others.  But there’s also complications of time (less of it), place (we don’t all go to a central location), responsibilities (more of them), and – eventually – relationships.

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve had the chance to develop so far, and happy to keep meeting amazing people in Boston.


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