One of the biggest differences between my life in DC and my life in Boston is one that has nothing to do with location. I no longer work retail, so I no longer work weekends.

There’s something about having weekends off that I really love — and it’s not the sleeping in part.  (When I worked retail, I always had two days off per week. If it was the sleeping in part; I had that.)

The workweek, at its base level, is nothing more than a societal agreement that you’re “off” on Saturday and Sunday.  It’s great to be a part of that agreement.  Specifically, to have the opportunity of being free when majority of my friends are free.

Really, it’s the energy on weekends:  There’s a different vibe, likely caused by the availability of other people. During the workweek, we all are working on separate things — be it in a hospital, an office, or a school.  But, on weekends, all of that falls away, and we get to hang out and just be with each other.

Here’s to weekends and time with others!


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