Swap Books!

I think it’s because it’s the New Year and everyone’s looking for new things, including books.  But I have definitely talked about this at least twice just this weekend, so I thought that maybe the critical mass of people reading my blog (haha) would appreciate it.

I use a site called PaperBackSwap to get fresh books, in lieu of the usual suspects: Amazon.com, BN.com etc.  The way it works: you post 10 books you’d be willing to mail to someone, and you get 2 credits to start.  Those credits can immediately be used to request books from other users in the system.  (1 Credit = 1 Book).

For every book that you successfully mail, you get another credit, which makes for a very cheap way to refresh your book collection.  Especially since shipping for some books can be as low at $2.00.

Though it’s not entirely free since you’re paying shipping, it is cheap.  Plus, it’s particularly gratifying to find a book you want, request it, and not have to pay for anything.  Declutter your bookshelf, encourage recycling, AND get something you want.

If this sounds like your bag, (British accent there, chap), check it out.  And, if you’re feeling particularly generous, you can use my referral link to earn me an extra credit.

New Year, new books, why not?

[Worth noting that they have two sister sites: SwapaDVD and SwapaCD that operate the same way.  Plus the credits are transferable.  Swap a book, get a new CD.  Or get rid of some DVDs and request a book.  So many options!]


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