I saw Avatar today.  In IMAX.  In 3D.  Damn, was it an experience.  The film was stunningly beautiful, well done, and all I could want from a blockbuster.

Walking away from it, my three-hour-film-partner (aka my amazing sister) commented that she never once was taken out of the story by the CGI.  And there’s a lot of CGI.

She’s right.  It all worked.  We just watched a 3 hour movie that had unbelievable amounts of CGI, including main characters who are nothing but CGI.  And it worked?!

It really got me thinking about how honored I am to be alive in this time, where we are making our imaginations reality.  There are some pretty amazing things that are fast becoming part of everyday life, and I wanted to stop and acknowledge some that come to mind…

(Let me be clear that what follows does not include family, friends, health, safety, spirituality and all that which are far more important than the below.)

Microchips – Computers used to take up entire rooms, and now I have them in desktop-sizes, lap-sizes and phone sizes?!

Mobile Phones – Remember having to call the landline, ask a parent for your friend?  Now, after a certain age, everyone has their own phone.  Crazy.

Movies that come to life – Watching limits be broken with Toy Story, film concepts challenged with The Matrix and seeing it all come together with Avatar.  So cool that basically anything we can think of, could theoretically come to life on screen.

Touch-screen technology – From iPhone to Android and beyond.  What was previously only on Star Trek is literally in our pockets.

iTunes/iPod – Truly turned an industry on its head.  It didn’t used to be normal to have thousands of songs accessible anywhere you are.  Now, well, it can seem weird not too.  Goodbye CDs.

Social Media – There was a point in time where you had to worry about getting someone’s phone number.  Now you just need their name.  (Or be able to look at the friends of your friends.)

Wireless technology – I can pretty much get on the Internet almost anywhere I want.  No answer is too far from my fingertips.

Google – Connecting me and you to more and more information, in a nearly instant way.   Making the internet a lot less intimidating since 1998.  (Estimates have the number of web pages somewhere around 63 billion.)

Text messaging – Never did I think, when I was 15, that I would be able to essentially have IM conversations wherever I am.

This list isn’t meant be exhaustive (though if you have suggestions, feel free), but merely what came to mind immediately.  It’s also interesting to me that many of these advancements highlight the importance of relationships, which ultimately make life worth it.


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