I forgot one thing…

In my rant last week about the Boston T compared to the DC Metro, I forgot to mention one critical thing.  The Metro stays open until 3AM on weekends.  The T closes at midnight every day.

In DC, I could happily go out on Friday and Saturday nights, have a damn good time, and make it back home to my own bed with ease.

But here in Boston!  Oh goodness.  God forbid you stay out after midnight on a weekend and aren’t in walking distance of your house.  You’re either going to crash on a friend’s couch, or spend $20-$30 to take a cab home.  OR, you’re going to have to cut any festivities short, so you can drive.

Seriously MBTA?  Even 1AM on weekends would be better than midnight. But I’m sure the taxi companies make enough money off this that it will never change.

On another note, I’ve heard from a reliable source that the Green Line is miserable to live on during Red Sox season.  Too many people for too small cars.  Soon it’ll be like Tokyo, where station officials have to push passengers in to close the doors.


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