Boston Baseball

Blame the beautiful weather, blame the fact that an extra hour (at least) of my day is taken up by a commute (I’ve got an office now!), or just blame baseball for the fact that I’ve been slacking with blogging. 

I love baseball, and I have to say, I love it more when I’m in Boston.  There’s something about this town that makes baseball truly more than just a game.  I truly believe it was the pesky 86 years of defeat that caused baseball here to become part of family.  Father passed it to son, the desire to see the Red Sox win the World Series.  And, lo!  It happened!  And yes, there are plenty of annoying bandwagon fans (though they seem a little less these past years), but the importance of baseball remains.

In DC, I’m sorry but, generally, no one gave a rat’s ass about the Nationals.  Sure, it was fun to pay attention, and there are even a few fans, but to say that wins or losses impacted the city would be an enormous stretch.  Here, the topic of baseball binds.  It is a part of the culture here.  The Sox win or loss is an easy topic of conversation that brings two people together.

The big difference between DC and Boston here is the knowledge and desire to learn.  Sure, in DC, you could mention “Oh, did you hear about the Nats’ loss last night?”.  But that would be the extent of the conversation, with a response of “Yeah, that was awful” or “No, but I’m not surprised”.  In Boston, you can mention the Sox game, and then continue talking about stats, or whether Ortiz really should have been DH for that LHP matchup.  And in cases where people don’t know enough, they are more often than not willing to learn. 

Finally, any Sox game can be an event.  “Hey, want to come over and watch a Nats game” just doesn’t have the same pull as “Hey, want to watch the Sox tonight?” Which, by the way, I’m totally up for any night of the week.  Just drop a line if you’re in the area!

This is my first time being in New England for the beginning of a Sox season since 2005, and even though I’m not a fan of this 3-4 start, I’m excited to be here. 


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