Old Spice for the Win

Okay, so clearly the Old Spice commercials are some of the best on television.  You know, the ones where the Old Spice Guy is riding a horse backwards?  The ones where the Old Spice Guy is seducing your lady? Or is just simply awesome?

These are the kind of commercials that are worth playing even when you have a DVR.  And this morning I discovered that it just got better. Old Spice just created the coup de grace of viral internet campaigns. 

Two days ago, Old Spice Guy started interacting with the internet.  Normal. 

Well, specifically, social media.  A little more cutting edge. 

But not just regular text interaction; he created individual video responses to fans’ questions on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, blogs, Yahoo, etc. 

Epic win.

These videos range from addressing Perez Hilton, to helping twitterer knitmeapony who wanted to use his voice on her answering machine, to some guy who wanted Old Spice Guy to propose to his girlfriend — which Old Spice Guy did.  (And she said yes.  For real.)

Unfortunately for those late-comers (like yours truly), the campaign ended today – as heralded by this hilarious goodbye:


Fortunately for the Realm of Procrastination and Hilarity however, there are dozens (if not a hundred or so) videos of Old Spice Guy addressing individuals in amazing ways on Old Spice’s YouTube page.

Talk about a great way to increase visibility for your brand. 


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