Mondays Are Days Too

My good friend Lauren – who writes this amazing blog about searching for love in NYC  – just posted something I made 8 years ago on her blog.  It’s a sign I made her in Freshmen Year to remind her not to hate on Mondays. (Yes, I know the picture is sideways.  Life goes on.)

“Mondays are days too!  Cuz you can’t go thru life hating 1/7 of every week!” 

I look at Mondays as another day in the week.  Another part of the adventure.  But sometimes it’s hard to keep true to that philosophy, so I do “crazy” things on Monday — just something outside my normal routine.  These range from bringing in Munchkins to work, to making a point to have lunch somewhere different, to having something special to look forward to that night.  

Last night I made a point to watch a movie at home, and I rented Hot Tub Time Machine.  Not a great movie, but pretty good; it had its funny moments.  But the point was that it was really fun to watch and added a little pizzazz to my Monday.  

Do you do anything different on Mondays to make them more interesting?


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