I-93 Fail

If you’re reading this in the Boston area and you haven’t heard, avoid I-93.  

A massive pothole on I-93 opened up near Medford yesterday.  It made commuting a mess yesterday, as they closed two lanes of traffic to fix it:

And in case you thought today would be better, it’s worse, instead!  A new hole opened up on a different part of I-93N:

Thankfully my supervisor texted me before I left, and I made up a route on Google Maps that basically consisted of MA-38.  Took me a 15 minutes longer than my regular commute, but a co-worker who took I-93 had a two hour commute today from Brookline, MA to Woburn, MA.  Ridiculous!  

Also, makes me feel oh-so-very confident about the quality of roads on my commute.  

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