“You are not your job.” -Tyler Durden

Just came across this, and thought I’d share to spread the enjoyment.  

An Open Letter to Support Ninjas, Web Rock Stars, and Sandwich Artists 

To Whom It May Concern

You are not a ninja. Each time you use the word ‘ninja’ in vain, another one moves into your attic. Ninjas train. Ninjas battle. Ninjas don’t check email.

You are not a rock star. Rock stars paint on silence. Rock stars trash hotels. Rock stars use Internet Explorer 6. Rock stars just don’t give a shit.

An artist? Please. Artists see. Artists reflect. Artists bleed Tyrian purple and lapis lazuli. Artists send light into the darkest heart. Artists don’t get real jobs.

The sign of a life well lived? When your job title becomes the least interesting thing about you. And if it isn’t? Perhaps you need a hobby, a break, or a more humble title.



This is from Modern Nerd, which is a site dedicated to “solving everyday nerdish dilemmas and first-world problems”. 


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