The Expendables!

I’m a sucker for old school action movies. Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Predator, Terminator etc. But Hollywood has become overly adept at taking these movies and beating them to death with sequels. “Forget new ideas! Let’s just build on what we know makes money.”

It’s been a while since there’s been a new summer action flick that’s all explosions, one liners, backed by a big star.

Enter the Expendables.  An awesome cast, with not just one star.  Any one of these guys could carry (and many have carried) a movie by themselves. (Stalone, Rourke, Jet Li, Steve Austin, Jason Statham to name a few, cameos by Schwarzenegger and Willis.)

A plot that just screams “we just need something to justify 90 minutes of explosions and awesomeness”. (A bunch of ex-mercenaries are hired to do an impossible job, because their expendable and aren’t expected to survive. But they’re so bad ass that they do survive.)  If it’s self-aware enough, it could be something of a cult phenomenon.

A friend just showed me the movie’s YouTube page. And it’s explosively awesome. Take a second out of your Monday and check it out:


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