Go See “Middle Men” and make sure Josh eats!

Just about every summer we get a film that swoops refreshingly in to fill the void of culture left by the high octane, big budget summer tentpoles that choke out more intelligent fare. And while I love me some good old fashioned explosions, sometimes it is nice to catch a breather and cleanse the pallet with something a bit more delicately crafted on a far lower budget. This year, that film is MIDDLE MEN. Don’t let all the red band ads fool you – this isn’t an excuse to splash T&A across the screen for two hours. No, it’s GOODFELLAS for folks who want a less morally ambiguous protagonist. And it is really, really good.

(Full Review)

Middle Men is not playing in Boston yet, but I’m definitely going to go see it when it opens nationwide on August 20. Part of the reason is because my friend Josh was involved in the making of the film.  And part of it is because it looks awesome — a very interesting, and funny look at the man who created the online credit card processing and the first industry it affected: the porn industry (of course). 

If you live in the select cities where it is playing, go see it now!  (That’d be New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas Fort Worth, Austin, Seattle or San Francisco).  If you don’t, tell your friends in those cities to go see it.  Then you go see it on August 20…. assuming it makes it to a nationwide release.  The more people you tell, the more likely that YOU’LL get to see it. 

If the trailer below intrigues you, follow the above instructions and help make sure Josh gets to eat.  (I’m kidding, I’m sure he’s fine without your help.  But wouldn’t you feel bad if he wasn’t?  And all you had to do to feed the man was go enjoy a movie???!) 




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