Three reasons why they should build the Mosque

So the Muslim community wants to build a community center that has been dubbed “Ground Zero Mosque”.  Now there’s uproar… Here’s three reasons why it should proceed: 

1) A lot of people are concerned about it being so close to Ground Zero.  Like it’s messing with hallowed ground.  I can understand that perspective, especially if you lost someone.  But it’s worth reading a great blog post that walks you through some pictures of other things that are that close to Ground Zero.  As the blogger, Daryl, puts it: “Look at the photos. This neighborhood is not hallowed. The people who live and work here are not obsessed with 9/11. The blocks around Ground Zero are like every other hard-working neighborhood in New York, where Muslims are just another thread of the city fabric.”

2)  Fox News is all up in arms about the Mosque because of the evil guy who is funding it.  Ok, I can somewhat understand that.  But then Jon Stewart follows the money, only to find that the evil guy who is funding it actually co-owns Fox News.  Yeah, you read that right.  Only reality can be that hilariously and maddeningly messed up.  Video below.  And, while funny, if you’re short on time, I highly recommend the Keith Oberman video (see next point). 

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3)  Keith Oberman says absolutely everything that needs to be said about the Mosque situation. It’s honestly the first time in years I’ve been proud to watch someone on the actual news in I-don’t-know how long.  Watch this.


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