Red Sox not dead yet

Just to be clear, while I have come to terms with the belief that the season is likely over for the Sox, I do hold a tiny secret (ok not so secret) belief that anything is possible.  

The ultimate fan message board for Red Sox, Sons of Sam Horn, has a great thread about what it would take for the Sox to go to the playoffs.  Earlier today, my mom emailed me an article by columnist Gordon Edes entitled “Doing the math for true believers”.  Quite frankly, the Sox need to play like every game like it’s one of the latter four games of the 2004 ALCS (except maybe not so stressful).  Check out what’s going on…

While the rest of us were sleeping (literally), the Sox just swept Seattle.  Also last night, the Tampa Bay Rays defeated the Yankees, which put the Rays in first place for the AL East.  This means that the Sox are 6 games behind the Yankees in the Wild Card. Oh, and did I mention we play six head-to-head games against the Yankees over the remaining 16 games?  And that the Yankees have lost eight of their last ten?

Remaining Schedule for Yankees:
3 at Baltimore
4 vs Rays
3 vs Red Sox
3 at Toronto
3 at Boston

Remaining Schedule for Red Sox
3 vs Toronto
3 vs Baltimore
3 at Yankees
4 at White Sox
3 vs Yankees

Basically, the next two series for both the Sox (vs TOR, vs BAL) and the Yanks (at BAL, vs TB) will very much decide how things play out.  If the Sox can go 5-1 and NY 4-3 (or Boston 4-2 and NY 3-4), next weekend’s Sox v Yanks series will be very very interesting.  Here’s hoping the Sox do not go quietly into that good night….

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