Some Autumnal Thoughts…

Four quick thoughts…

– The Red Sox are not going to be in the post-season for the first time for the first time since 2006 and while most people blame shaky aces, a bad bullpen and injuries, the little secret is that I am one of the Triumverate that cannot be living in Boston for the Sox to win it all.  You see, two of my best friends from college believe that for the Sox to win it all, none of us can be living in Boston.  In 2004 we were respectively living in Connecticut, Georgia, and New Zealand.  In 2007, it was Orange County, DC and Los Angeles.  Maybe next season that theory can be busted…..

– Fall in Boston is way better than Fall in DC.  Mainly because Fall in DC doesn’t actually exist.  It’s more like summer summer summer summer teeeeeeny bit of fall BAM winter!  I love the crisp air up here.  That said, what the hell is up with these humid 80 degree days?  I’m done with you Summer.  (Until next year.)  

– I forgot about “International Talk Like A Pirate Day” this year, on September 19th.  That makes me sad.

– I’ve lived in Boston (truly Somerville, for those in the know) for exactly 13 months as of today.  The two other place where I’ve lived that long: Washington, DC and the town where I grew up.

Happy October!


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