Living outside the lines

Over the past year, I’ve moved from retail experience into more traditional office enviornment.  Retail was fun, but it basically made it impossible to plan things far in advance, because of when I would get my schedule.  Even when I did get my schedule, it was guaranteed to be out-of-sync with my 9-5 friends.

Now a year later, I find myself loving the energy and drive at my new job, but I also love knowing my schedule months in advance: Though there is some aspect of working from home or on-the-go, I’m generally going to have nights and weekends free. 

Because I know my schedule, I’ve been able to plan a lot more than I was able to during my stint in retail.  I love planning – it enables me to make sure that I get to see family and friends, it encourages fun times and certainly is a requirement after college.  But, often, I love planning to much and forget to take time for myself — or, perhaps worse — I forget to live outside the lines. 

It’s easy to have a plan and do that plan.  But living outside the lines, to me, means being a bit more spontaneous before or after a planned event.  It means taking creative time for myself.  It means quirkily fitting in things I simply want to do in the cracks in my schedule.  It means asking the question, “What would be unexpectedly fun to do right now to bring joy to myself or others?” 

I feel like it’s an easy thing to forget — and I certainly don’t claim to remember it all the time.  But when I do, it truly inspires me.

(Image by pupski, via Flickr)


3 responses to “Living outside the lines

  1. Your post reminds me of an amazing exchange Julia and I had once:Me: Sometimes I wish I were more spontaneous.Julia: Yeah, I think the only way I could do that is if I scheduled time to be spontaneous.

  2. That is a beautiful and hilarious quote.  And not unrealistic!  I'll have nights I keep free for me, which allows me the space to be spontaneous (or not).

  3. I love this post. Thanks for being so inspiring and generally awesome. The flowers sitting on my kitchen table serve as my reminder to live outside the lines 🙂

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