Merry Christmas from the Red Sox, Carl Crawford Style

I still cannot believe it.  

I checked Facebook in bed this morning, because I did not want to get up.  (It was seven degrees with wind chill outside.  Seemed like a good day to procrastinate moving.)  Facebook loaded on my iPhone and I was presented with this wall post from my brother:

Welcome to Red Sox nation Mr. Crawford. Where is your locker you ask? No no, not next to Big Papi or Dustin. Yeah right over there. Right next to Adrian and Youk. Relax, you’ll fit right in.

I literally could not process this and thought he was joking.  My thought process went something like this “Haha, very funny.  I keep up on Red Sox news.  There was nothing about this yesterday afternoon.  Granted I wasn’t online last night.  Man, that would be awesome.  Maybe someone posted a rumor.  I’ll have to check Sons of Sam Horn.  But really?  No.  Can’t be.”  

Then I went to a few sports websites.  Turns out that this “can’t be” was being.  Lo and behold, Carl Crawford is about to become a Red Sock.  Holy crap.  

I was happy about Gonzo, but I am floored by this.  Who saw this coming?  No one.  It was supposed to be between the Angels and Yanks.  Wow.

I like this deal, a lot.  It locks up a likely superstar, and even though he’ll be a bit old in his final two years, I’m sure he will still be productive, especially defensively in the outfield.  I hear he’s a killer clubhouse presence.  I love his speed.  I honestly don’t care about the money.  As long as it doesn’t prevent getting us a decent bullpen and doesn’t somehow impact ticket prices this year, spend whatever you can.  I love that this ownership cares, and they care smart.  

I’ve read a few articles today on the whole trade, but my favorite was from Sports Illustrated, which I’ve pasted below.  Enjoy.  I can’t wait until April.  

Red Sox shock the baseball world by landing Carl Crawford  

The Red Sox shocked the baseball world, or at least the portion of it that managed to hold on to their drinks around the lobby bars of the winter meetings hotel here when the news broke in the last hour of Wednesday. Boston somehow turned $142 million into stealth money, agreeing to make Carl Crawford the second-highest paid outfielder in baseball history with hardly a moment of preparation by those outside their own suite. It was a rare “wow” moment in a Twitter-mad world.


“[Bleeping] Theo,” one GM said of Boston general manager Theo Epstein. “What a brilliant move.”


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