It Feels Like Christmas

If you celebrate Kwanza, happy Kwanza to you!  If you celebrate Channukah, I hope it was wonderful.  If you celebrate Festivus, have a happy holiday for the rest of us.  But we’re three days away, and I just gonna say it: Merry Christmas! One and all!  

The merriment of Christmas doesn’t come from the holiday itself, but more the experience with family and friends.  Whether Jesus was the Son of God or not, I am truly thankful for the fact that his reported existence has led to the bringing together of loved ones.  

In fact, nothing quite sums up Christmas for me like the 1992 classic: “The Muppet Christmas Carol”.  Yes, that’s right, the Muppets.  Enjoy the video below to see what I mean, and I hope everyone is having a wonderful short week!



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