Beginnings and Endings: A New Blog

Welcome to a new home for my blog.  Yes, the title has changed.  But all the goodness will remain the same.  Indeed, all my posts from “Boston Guy” have made the move over here.  You won’t miss a thing.

Every good blog has an interesting frame.  Something that ties it together coherently.  And this year, it’s time for a new one.

In September 2009, I moved to Boston and began my “Boston Guy” blog, which had a frame of comparing DC and Boston.  As I lived in Boston for longer and longer, it became more and more difficult to have a commentary about that.  Now that it’s 2011, it’s time to let go of that frame entirely.

My new frame, as you may have guessed, is mindfulness, minimalism and life as an adventure.  These points are things that I’m passionate about and carry through my entire life.  Many of my decisions (perhaps all) are based on one of those three tenets.  Life as an adventure — no matter where you are — is particularly important to me, and I’ll write more on it soon.

Get ready 2011.

NB:  For those keeping score, this blog is actually one that I started in January 2009 and kept for three months.  I liked the title enough to bring it back.  If you want, for fun, you can read posts by me from two years ago.


One response to “Beginnings and Endings: A New Blog

  1. you do realize that this doesn’t count as continuing the 2009 blog. 😉

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