Do what you love.

“Do you do what you love?”

Ask most people that, and they will immediately think of work. That’s not what I mean.  Yes, we all do work.  And I’m sure there are things that we all love about work.  And there are things that we all dislike about work.  That’s not the point.  The point is, do you do what you love, at all?

Do you take the time out of your day to cook, if you love cooking?  If you love running, do you make sure you have time to train for your next marathon?  If you love reading or writing, do you create that time for yourself?  If you are lucky and are in a loving relationship, do you ensure that you spend time together where you are in your relationship?

Finding the time can absolutely be a challenge.  But doing what you love can absolutely be exactly what we all need.

No matter how much is going on in life, no matter how tough things get, if we make the time to do what we love, things will fall into place.  And by doing what we love, it will make the time where we are doing what we like less that much better.

What do you love?  Are you doing it?



2 responses to “Do what you love.

  1. Do you do what you love? I think the more important question is: Do you love who you do?

  2. Agreed. But the former is an easier question to answer, still promotes happiness and may lead one to the latter. Perhaps a future post…

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