Back from South Africa

I have just arrived back from an amazing two-week adventure to South Africa with my girlfriend Kelly.

What a trip. Phenomenal. Everything we could have hoped and more. An unbelievable experience. It was…

Adventurous –

We did more in two weeks than I normally do in half a year. Stopover in Amsterdam, hiking, touring, learning history, deciphering accents, walking aimlessly, walking purposefully, learning to drive on the left side of the road, trying new food (ostrich, springbok), going on a mini safari, seeing animals, exploring new wine, going to my best friend’s wedding.

Humbling and eye opening –

We met people that worked in airports and only dreamed of ever flying on an airplane domestically, let alone internationally. Countless people of all races and classes who had never gone to America because of the distance and cost. We saw shanty-towns and heart-wrenching poverty, including women on the street at 9:30pm, breastfeeding their baby while their toddler begged for money. It was unbelievable to feel like you’re in a developed country one minute and a developing country the next. All the while we kept in mind what we heard time and time again — the Western Cape is an unrealistically wealthy view of Africa as a whole.

Inspiring –

We met so many friendly people, who were proud of their country. It is a young democracy, and people were always interested in what we thought of it, upon learning that we were from America. Often described as a rainbow nation, it truly is. There are so many races, ethnicities, languages. More often than not, the people we met would go the extra mile for people, be it through conversation, or action. It is one of the farthest trips I’ve taken, but the people were wonderfully welcoming.

Relaxing –

We spent time laying on the beach, ate long and wonderful dinners, watched the sun set over the Atlantic, lingered at wineries. In a country where we could have spent every waking moment doing something, we made sure to take time for ourselves.

It was, quite frankly, the best adventure and vacation I’ve ever had.

If you are going to see me in person, ask me about it — we have a ton of stories. If you’re not going to see me any time soon, feel free to leave a comment.

PS – The catalyst for going was the aforementioned wedding. Robert and Charlene, if you are reading this, it was perfect. Much love to you both.


4 responses to “Back from South Africa

  1. I’m glad you guys had such an awesome time! I want to see more pictures! South Africa is probably #1 on my dream vacation list. Someday…

  2. I hope you’ve been bitten by the travel bug!

  3. Eric, yes! Kelly — it was so awesome. Can’t recommend it enough!

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