A quick reflection on iPad 2

As an iPad owner for more than two months, it really can do nearly all that most people need a computer to do. Indeed, I use my iPad in lieu of a personal computer.

An apt analogy is that when cars first came out, they were all trucks. Eventually, people realized that not everyone needed a truck, so sedans came along. iPads and tablets will not replace the laptop and desktop for everyone, but they will for many.

My experiment has been to (personally) ditch the “truck”, and it has gone very well. I find myself more focused on the iPad and less ADHD, going everyone on the Internet. Moreover, I cannot remember the last time that I went to my laptop to do something personal at home (though it has happened – we’re not yet PC free).

But the true benefit, for me, has been being able to have a device dedicated to play. In a day where my job (knowledge worker!) can be done from anywhere, my iPad is a technological refuge.

Before, whenever I took out my laptop at home, in some capacity, I was taking out my work as well. Similarly, because my laptop was used in both capacities, I would be bringing my home to work. Now, my work computer means business and my iPad means play.

Of course, there are times where one fulfills the other’s role. But lines are meant to be blurry.


One response to “A quick reflection on iPad 2

  1. Nice, quick reflection. I think iOS 5 will move even more people away from needing a desktop or laptop, since you don’t have to have a computer to synch or register your iPad. Now, about that sweet 11 or 13 inch MacBook Air upgrade to core i3 or i5. . .

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