Notes from Summer Baseball

Smiles all around. We walk under the lights of Boston to catch a cab, the vibe from a summer Fenway win still with us.

Tying run at the plate. 2 outs. 2 strikes. Bottom of the ninth. Papelbon delivers. Strike 3! You’re out!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game had preceded a joyous Sweet Caroline and now we’re Shipping Up To Boston. Papelbon walks in from the bullpen, not fifty feet away. We’re all dancing, singing and cheering. The whole park. He’s still Papelbon.

Crack. The solid sound of the wood connecting with the ball. I jump from my seat next to Kelly, pumping my fist. Ellsbury singles! The crowd, weary from a blistering day, erupts all around me. Varitek scores! Scutaro scores! The Sox jump ahead 2-1. High fives all around. Everyone on their feet, forgetting the heat of the day in the joy of the moment.

Bases loaded. The bad kind. Beckett is up to over 115 pitches. Crack. The ball bounces to Youkilis. He dives. Barely gets up. Throws to first. Gonzo digs it out. We all look at the first base ump…. Fist pump! He’s out! We’re still in this thing…

Bachelorettes, 50th birthdays, a whole different crowd on Saturdays. Amazing people watching.

Banter between people as the game slows between batters. Telling Kathy and Dave about the park’s history.

The game yet to start. The announcer booms: “To throw out the first pitch… the MVP of the 2007 Boston Red Sox… MIIIIIKE LOWELLLLLL!” Lowell throws in the first pitch to Dustin Pedroia to a Standing O.

Free ice in ziploc bags, melting from the heat of my skin. Willing the sun to drop below the buildings. Kelly pours ice water down my back, I jump, amazing.

Sitting in front of a cooling station in the catacombs of Fenway. A cool mist blows from the fan. Unbelievably perfect, given that it is a bazillion degrees.

We walk through the crowd at Fenway, taking in the scene with Kelly’s parents — their first trip to Fenway. Smiles all around.


One response to “Notes from Summer Baseball

  1. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing game! I love it!

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