Our Probable Future

We each have a path in life.  And I bet, if we all took a look right now, we would be able to have a pretty good guess as to our Probable Future.  That is, where would we be 10 years from now, if we didn’t make hard choices?

I have found that kind of thinking helps me make those hard choices.  It doesn’t take too much imagination to think, “ok, what if I did the easy thing here?”  Take it to the extreme.

In early 2009, when I thought about this, this exercise led me down a path where I saw myself in 2019:  living in the DC suburbs, in a relationship that was okay but not great, with kids, working in a senior retail management position.  That scared the crap out of me.  I did not want to be known for retail (even at a phenomenal organization), I realized I was done with that relationship, and also DC.

I leapt.

By the fall of 2009, I was long out of that relationship, had moved to Boston, and had quit retail and moved with no job, because I’m crazy and wanted to be able to explore.

I feel like following current paths to their extreme ends helps put things in perspective:  Do I like where I see myself (emotionally, geographically, career-wise) in ten years?  What would I change?  What experiences would I have wanted to have between now and 10 years from now?


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