The 80-20 Life

The 80-20 rule (or Pareto’s Law) states that 80% of your value comes from 20% of the effort. (Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto came up with this idea after he noticed that 80% of his peas came from 20% of his pea pods.) It’s a common principle in business — focusing on the vital few is one way we keep focused at my company.

But it applies in every day life too. We probably spend 80% of our social time with 20% of our friends. We get 80% of our enjoyment out of 20% of our things. Hell, I probably get 80% of my enjoyment out of 20% of my apps.

I find this helpful to remember when minimizing in life. Most of our enjoyment comes from very few things. Adding more doesn’t necessarily mean more enjoyment. What does mean more enjoyment is recognizing the few and treasuring them. What are your few?


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