What were you doing five years ago today?

Five years.  Half a decade.  The latter half of those pesky 3-5 year goals.  Often, I feel, we look to the future.  Where will we be five years from now?

That’s important to do.  It helps us figure out who we want to become, what goals we want to accomplish, where we want to go next.  Indeed, it can even help us figure out what about our Probable Future we do or don’t like.

But often it helps to look at where we’ve come from.  How much we have grown.  Because I bet for you — like me — it’s a lot.

Five years ago today, I was in the midst of my move to Washington D.C. from Boston.  I was packed up, and heading into a new adventure.  I had not met so many friends that I call dear.  I did not have as many experiences — let alone successes and failures.  As I look back, it’s funny how the narrative forms.  One thing led to another that led to another which is why I met that person, who is so important to me.

Maybe it’s all random.  Maybe it’s not.  But only by looking back and seeing how the narrative weaves together can we possibly get a glimpse of what worked and what didn’t.  And then, only then, can we begin to look ahead with a clear vision for the future.


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