Pretty cool about the Earthquake

I know, I know.  You’re probably all earthquaked out.  But today’s earthquake was pretty amazing in a couple of ways.

My co-workers and I followed in real time reactions of Facebook friends and Twitterers.  It made me reflect how amazing it is that we can get these kind of reactions 500 to 1000 miles away from multiple cities, all at once.  Before news websites had anything, Twitter had hundreds (thousands?) of updates.

This was a massive unpredicted event that joined together people all up and down the East Coast.  We all (nearly) simultaneously had the same experience, or were communicating about the same experience.  And thanks to the near-instant communication we now have, we were able to share this experience.

This kind of unplanned common experience, where there is little apparent impact, and there are no (serious) sides, is all too rare.

Musings aside, it’s worth reading TIME’s 13 Best Tweets about the Earthquake.


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