Silence on the Radio

I no longer listen to the radio while driving.

More than three months ago, upon returning from South Africa, I began experimenting with keeping the radio off while driving.  But after all this time, I have kept it off.  And it’s simply because I like the quiet.

There are so few times when I am awake and quiet.  I love talking to people and catching up, living my relationships.  I find YouTube videos hilarious.  I enjoy a good TV show.  And, while working, I am conducting phone calls, presenting, having meetings, or writing emails.

To get in a quiet car after work and just drive has been wonderful.  I catch up on my thoughts.  I remember my breath.  And I’m calm.

To get in a quiet car before work is also powerful.  It’s a more peaceful way to start my day.

I’ve realized that I often used the radio to escape from myself.  To distract myself while driving.  But I have found there is peace in not doing that.  There is peace in adding a little bit of silence to each day.


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