Flip it!

“There’s no wrong answer.” versus “Every answer is right.”

Such a simple switch, and both mean the same thing. But the latter opens up infinite possibility. The former makes me think of how all of my answers could be wrong (even though they are not). Actually, it makes me attempt to provide what would be the least wrong answer if someone were to judge.

“There are no limits” makes me think of the limits.

“There are infinite opportunities” makes me think of the opportunities.

We present questions and statements all the time. How we present them, however, likely has a larger impact on our conversations (and life) than we may think.


2 responses to “Flip it!

  1. This is similar to how we are taught to explain rules. Rather than saying ‘don’t scream, jump around, or be rowdy during quiet hours’ we say ‘please be respectful of each other during quiet hours by participating in quiet study or activities. Keep your voice lowered and try to walk quietly while you prepare for bed.’ The first rule immediately puts a not so great idea into the student’s head while the latter gives a good idea of what should happen and hopefully the first idea never even pops up as an option!

  2. Oo! I love that — I think that’s a great way to explain rules to kids. I didn’t even think of it in terms of specific applications. Good call.

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