Standing for something.

I think it’s easier not to stand for something, because then there’s no chance we fall (or fail).  But I think life is only worth it when we stand for something.

In college, I was known for standing for climate change awareness.  I interned at a youth coalition for energy action.  I focused my interdisciplinary study on moving the world beyond oil.  I wrote a paper comparing our US environmental policy to Germany’s policy.

After college, I haven’t been so active.  I still believe in affecting climate change positively.  I haven’t taken a stand on this in a long time.  But the climate problem isn’t going to go away.  It’s easy to ignore in a sense, because the effects aren’t immediate (though we are seeing plenty of them).

If you haven’t heard, The Climate Reality Project is airing live, right now, across the world.  If you haven’t, take a second and check it out.  This is the defining challenge of our time, we haven’t figured it out, and I fear we’re running out of time.



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