Where’s your energy focused today?

Each day, we have a choice of how we are going to focus our energy.

Some days it is harder than others.  This week, for example, I have been a bit under the weather, which significantly reduced my energy.  And with limited energy, the question of focused energy actually becomes even more important.  Without the ability to be on my “A Game” everywhere, where are the vital areas to focus my “B Game”?

If I have to remove something from my life, what’s going to have the least impact on my productivity and happiness?  What’s going to help me (not hinder me) in balancing getting the important done and taking care of myself?

At work, I focused very much on my conversations with existing clients and qualified prospects.  These have the highest return.  At home, I focused on the basics of eating well, going to bed early, and spending quality time with Kelly.

It’s important every once in a while to focus on what we can stop doing, which has minimal impact.  Anything come to mind for you?


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