On the Red Sox.

It was really nice at the beginning of September. The Sox had something like an 11 game lead, were coming off a well-played July and August, were a “lock” for the playoffs, with 30 or so games left.

Now the Sox have a measly 1.5 game lead over the surging Rays, a magic number of 9, with 8 left to play. Our starting rotation is in shambles, and we have played some of the worst baseball I can remember being played down the stretch. (I actually vehemently cheered when we turned a double play earlier tonight, because I couldn’t remember us turning a DP instead of us grounding into one.)

Sidebar: One of my brother’s friends had the best explanation for this whole meltdown: “everyone caught the JD Drew”

The craziest thing about all this is that there still is a chance of us making the postseason. We play the Orioles and the Yanks for these last eight games. The Rays play the Yankees and the Blue Jays. We just need to win 5 and the Rays to lose 4, or some combination that equals nine.

But the sad thing is that this team just does not look playoff ready. Some serious changes need go happen in the next week, or this race might *be* the playoffs for the Sox. (And if they lose tonight, after having a six run lead…)

All that said, I’m still enjoying the waning days of summer and the onset of fall baseball here in Boston. We could still pull it off, and I’m cheering these boys to the end.


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