Steve Jobs.

When I heard that Steve Jobs had died (through a text message on my iPhone), I was actually shocked.  We all knew he would die, but to have it actually happen…. I am the saddest I have ever been in regards to a public figure passing.  I am sad because such an inspiration has passed from the world.  I am saddened for his wife and kids, his colleagues and his close friends.

Steve was a force in the world, and there is a bit of a hole now that he has passed.

But, mostly, I am inspired.  Because of how he lived.  Because of what he accomplished.  No matter the mythos that surrounded him, he was human, like you and me.

He lived outside the lines.  He lived so far outside the lines that he literally invented new lines.  And he demanded perfection.  And while nothing is ever perfect, damn, he got close.   Working at Apple, you could feel his touch on everything.  His dedication, his fearlessness.  He was extraordinary.

I am so honored to have been alive at the same time as him.  To have seen his Stevenotes from afar — not as archived history, but as exciting events as they happened.  To hear his passion, his wit, his style and drive, his absolute love for what he did.

Steve will go down in history as one of the Greats.  But, to me, he will always be an inspiration for what an entrepreneur can do.  No, for what a human being can do.   His life will be a constant reminder to truly stay hungry, stay foolish.

Thanks, Steve.


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