Wrapping up detox

On Monday, I began a detox with no caffeine, no alcohol, and no gluten. Every so often I go without alcohol, but I’ve not done no caffeine in a long time, and I’ve never done no gluten.

My observation overall is that I had more balanced energy throughout the day. I didn’t crash at 2pm for example. I think that’s definitely due to no caffeine and that the no gluten forced me to eat low glycemic foods.

I plan to keep to no (or reduced) caffeine, but I’ve already jumped back into the land of gluten and alcohol, during a fantastic dinner at Via Matta downtown.

The detox was a fun adventure, but I really enjoy a good pasta and a nice wine (or beer… or cocktail.) Everything in moderation, I suppose. I’m very glad I did it, as it made me more mindful of my food, and my body (and mind) enjoyed the break.


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