On improv.

Tonight, I had my graduation improv show, with an amazing group of people. It went so well, and was so much fun.

Some of the people in my group, I’ve been practicing with for a year, others just a few months. But what I love about improv is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known a person. At its foundation, improv is about acceptance. With that core, anyone can improvise with anyone.

It’s such a unique way to bond between people. It’s not about what your job is or where you’re from. It’s about simple acceptance and play.

Some of my best friendships have come from improv over the years, and I don’t think that’s an accident. Sure acceptance can be hard (we all have our own ideas, stories and “shoulds”). But when you truly accept someone and they accept you, and you just play from there, how can a friendship not form?


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