Goodbye, Theo.

Thanks for the memories.  (Seriously.)

No matter what happens with the 2012 Red Sox….   No matter how quickly they do or don’t recover from this debacle of clubhouse malaise, poor leadership, lack of caring, and epic collapse….  No matter all the drama in the media about smear campaigns, ownership, what have you…

No matter all that, I’ll forever thank you.

Through your leadership, you brought me and so many other Sox fans more joy that we could have hoped to experience in our lifetimes.  You turned our baseball world on its head, and I’ll be forever thankful for all you gave us…

A manager we would miss when he left.

Six postseason berths.

An AL East Title.

Two World Championship teams.  

Life is dynamic, and I don’t begrudge you wanting a change, a new challenge, and an opportunity to cement yourself as the GM that turned two epically struggling franchises around.

I was casually a Cubs fan for my NL team, but I’ll be paying attention and rooting for you to pull it off.  Best of luck to you, Theo.

But most of all, thank you for all you did here.  It won’t ever be forgotten.


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