I’m reading a book right now called The Power of Full Engagement. Its thesis is that we don’t need to manage our time, but rather our energy. They postulate four different types of energy: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Further, the authors argue, in order to effectively manage any type of energy, we must oscillate between periods of intense stress and recovery. (Or, to simplify, take breaks to have more energy.)

But what has rung incredibly true is their focus how intrinsic motivation leads to much more energy than extrinsic motivation. I certainly experience this. If I think of something to do, I’m going to be much more energized to do it than if I am told. The source of intrinsic motivation? Values.

I wonder how often we find ourselves in slumps, angry, frustrated or negative because something we “have” to do doesn’t quite align with our values. I bet it’s a fair amount.


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