About David

I graduated from Connecticut College in 2006, where I studied Government out of curiosity (not to become a politician) and nearly minored in philosophy accidentally.  College got me thinking outside the box — first by questioning, then by taking action (i.e., taking a semester off to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity).

I work at innovative companies, which in has included consulting, a startup and Apple in the past.  I currently am at Article One Partners, where we are fostering a global community of researchers who earn rewards for researching technology areas.  (The views here on this site are obviously my own, not theirs.)  I’ve lived in four states and D.C., and traveled to thirteen countries across three continents.  I speak broken Spanish and very broken Italian.

As you may have guessed, I am focused on mindfulness, minimalism and living an adventure.  Travel and good technology inspires me and I love the Boston Red Sox.

I consider life an adventure to be lived urgently and fully, and that the best way to do that is to infuse life with things that excite you.

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