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A new experiment: iPad as my primary computer

Here we go, another adventure! I am going to use my iPad as my primary computer. Or I am going to try and figure out it can’t be done. After reading this article, and knowing two people that are considering the idea, I think it’s high time to find out how doable this is.

What I do know is doable: using my iPad for 80% of my personal computer needs. I already use it as my prinary device at home for browsing the Internet, light email, light document creation, light movie creation, consumption of anything and everything online.

The real challenge comes at my job. Working at a startup, in sales, I type a lot of emails, I use a lot of Office programs (where comparability is required) and I multitask like whoa. I edit files, send attachments, and research online. I type, type, type. For my personal life, I still use my computer for photo management stuff. For creating more detailed movies.

Now, I think I’d be kidding myself (and you) if I said I thought I could optimally perform all functions of my job on my iPad. But maybe I can do 85%… or 95%… or, who knows, 100%. I truly don’t know, because I haven’t given myself permission to try it out. Now I have. I’ll post brief and detailed updates as I encounter challenges and overcome them (or do not).

In the immortal words of Mario, here we go!