Uploading headaches on the iPad. Any fixes?

The biggest problem, or challenge, with using my iPad extensively is such a simple thing that I didn’t even think about it when I began this experiment: uploading.

The very idea of uploading something is built in to our (my) understanding of a computer that interacts with the web. We download and we upload. Yet, herein lies a limitation of abandoning the aforementioned desktop metaphor. When you don’t have a desktop (metaphorically), you don’t have somewhere to upload from. There is no integration from one app to another (which is what makes the iPad and iPhone so secure), so there is no way that App 1 can access any files from App 2.

This is tough, but usually there is fix, as you are able to upload within apps. Some apps even make this seamless (like DropBox, QuickOffice and Box). But the real challenge comes when I am writing an email in Mail and want to send an attachment. I simply can’t do it within the current email I’m writing. I have to leave mail, go to the app where my file is stored, and send a new email from within that app.

The closest thing I have seen to a solution is that DropBox lets me mail a link to the file in question, which I can just copy to the email I am writing. It’s a limitation for sure.

Anyone else run into this problem? Ideas?


2 responses to “Uploading headaches on the iPad. Any fixes?

  1. I feel your pain. However, the app FileBrowser by Steatospherix let’s me download and store locally tons of file types. I think it might offer you some more flexibility.

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